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Afrika Diaspora Deutschland Strategien fuer Medien Aktivisten Adetoun Kueppers-Adebisi im Interview mit UNEEK24 African Diaspora Germany

Afrika Diaspora Deutschland Strategien fuer Medien Aktivisten Adetoun Kueppers=Adebisi im Interview mit UNEEK24 African Diaspora Germany

Balotelli-Media-Racism-or-Colonial-Stereotypes-MARS MEDIA AGAINST RACISM IN SPORTS Congress European Union ADROTAK TV cyberNomads Afrika Deutschland commUNITYpromo Neue Deutsche Medienmacher

BALOTELLI Media Racism in Sport or Colonial Stereotypes. Media Against Racism Africa Germany – Black German Diaspora Perspectives on Balotellis representation in the context of the German Media Portrayal and its roots in colonial stereotypes.

In Zukunft Migration Theater Diaspora Theater Afrika Theater NEUES DEUTSCHES THEATER Deutschland Szenische Lesung & Preisverleihung AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Black German Media Culture Education Archive Deutschland

Szenische Lesung bei der Extraschicht 2012 und Ehrung des IN ZUKUNFT Gewinnerstücks | Westfälisches Landestheater lädt erstmalig zur Nacht der Industriekultur

OVAHERERO OVAMBANDERU COUNCIL FOR THE Dialogue on the 1904 Genocide Herero Namibia Deutschland Völkermord Rat Afrika Deutschland Ueriuka F. Tjikuua Alfons Kaihepovazandu Maharero OCD 1904 AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Windhoek The Position of the OCD 1904 on the Genocide Motion in the German Bundestag

OVAHERERO/OVAMBANDERU COUNCIL FOR THE DIALOGUE ON THE 1904 GENOCIDE (OCD-1904) PRESS RELEASE – The Position of the OCD 1904 on the Genocide Motion in the German Bundestag The OCD-1904 condemns the CDU/CSU and FDP coalition for voting against the motions tabled by the Left Party and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Greens Party […]

Yoole Le Sacrifice Moussa Sene Absa FREE YOOLE TICKETS bLACK hISTORY mONTH Afrika Frilm Deutschland AFROTAK TV cybernOMADS bLACK gERMAN aFRO dEUTSCH commUNITYpromo

Win 5 Free Ticktes – email with SACRIFACE 2 – the 1st 5 mails win!! German Premiere on Sunday, 26.02.2012 at 17:00 The presidential elections in Senegal are only days away. Due to the constitutionally very much contested candidacy of President Wade, massive mobilisation has built during the past months. The tensions are growing […]

Afrika Film Deutschland Audre Lord Berlinale FREE TICKETS commUNITYpromo Black German AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Afrika Deutschland

Black History Month Berlin Black History Month Germany Promo Win 3 Free Tickets for the Audre Lorde movie 17.2. umd 17:30 in Cubix 7 @ Alexanderplatz – write SMS _Audre Lorde_ to 0163 258 3893 Win 5 Free Tickets for the Premiere Party @ Berlinale 15h feb, after screening! 22.30h at – with a […]

Afrika Medien Deutschland NNEKA PROMO Afrika Diaspora Berlin Free Tickets Soul is Heavy Tour Berlin Kesselhaus Kulturbrauerei AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Das Schwarze Deutsche Medien Kultur Bildung Netzwerk Afrika Deutschland Black

The first 3 email with subject nneka to win free ticket!! Nneka was born on Xrismas 1980 in Warri, Nigeria and spent quite some of her life in Hamburg since her 18th birthday. Daughter of an nigerian father and a german mother – she sings in English, Igbo and Nigerian Pidgin. AFROTAK TV cyberNomads […]

Namibia Deutschland Völkermord African Diaspora Germany IN MEMORIAM Namibian Genocide Victims Jessika Banzouzi LIFT EVERY VOICE coutesy AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Black German Culture Media Education Archive Berlin

During the House of the Cultures of the World Panel-Event organized by black and white German NGOs to welcome the Namibian Delegation. A group of over 60 people travelled to Germany in order to bring home the Human Remains of their Ancestors who were murdered among 40-80 000 other Herreros and Namas by white Germans […]

Berlin Festival Black Berlin Festival Black MUSIC Diaspora Afrika Deutschland Festival PUBLIC ENEMY BEGINNER ALOE BLACC Black Community Promotion AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Festival News Berlin

Berlin Festival features the Grand Public Enemy live on Stage. AFROTAK TV cyberNomads as accredited Press will bring you the live Updates on the Events. Watch out! What is Black Music in Underground, Mainstream and Club meaning for a change in this World today!

Reggae-Ville Weekender FREE TICKETS African Community Promotion Reggae AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Afrikanische Diaspora Deutschland The Black German Knowledge Media Culture Education Archive Afrika Deutschland Dortmund

BLACK COMMUNITY Promotion: To win 3 Tickets for the Reggeaville Reaggea Weekend in Dortmund send us an email to