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Bundestreffen der Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Funtunfunafu Need for Unity and Working Together

Initiative Schwarze Deutsche BUNDESTREFFEN 09 AFRO Deutsche Black German Afrika Deutschland AFROTAK cyberNomads Schwarze Deutsche CommUNITY PROMO Black German Schwarze Deutsche Datenbank Netzwerk und Medienkanal Afrika Deutschland INITIATIVE SCHWARZE DEUTSCHE und Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland

In August 2009 the German Black Community gathers again to see and define what Schwarze Deutsche can mean. Looking for the newest trends in Activities and success stories to share and distribute knowledge of oppression and liberation. The social networks of a virtual community brought together by the outside pressure of racism in Germany are exchanged for family ties having grown since 1985 and welcome to new community members are extended.
Black People from Africa, Israel, Brazil, Swiss, The Netherland, Austria or Black Europe in General as well as from around the Global Black Atlantic tend to drop in for an extended stay, to promote their projects or just a short visit.