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OVAHERERO OVAMBANDERU COUNCIL FOR THE Dialogue on the 1904 Genocide Herero Namibia Deutschland Völkermord Rat Afrika Deutschland Ueriuka F. Tjikuua Alfons Kaihepovazandu Maharero OCD 1904 AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Windhoek The Position of the OCD 1904 on the Genocide Motion in the German Bundestag

OVAHERERO/OVAMBANDERU COUNCIL FOR THE DIALOGUE ON THE 1904 GENOCIDE (OCD-1904) PRESS RELEASE – The Position of the OCD 1904 on the Genocide Motion in the German Bundestag The OCD-1904 condemns the CDU/CSU and FDP coalition for voting against the motions tabled by the Left Party and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Greens Party […]

FLASHMOB Namibia Genozid Herero Nama DEMONSTRATION @ Reichstag Namibia Alliance Africa Deutschland Apology Now Entschuldigung Sofort Keine Verjährung für Völkermord AFROTAK TV cyberNomads PRESSEMITTEILUNG PRESS RELEASE

FlASHMOB-CALL PRESS RELEASE by AFROTAK TV cyberNomads / 26 03 2012 ENGLISCH The German parliament based on the votes of the ruling parties CDU and FDP decided to continue the neglect of the historical genocide (1904 – 1908) of more than 100.000 Herero and Nama and to not apologize to the descendents.

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During the House of the Cultures of the World Panel-Event organized by black and white German NGOs to welcome the Namibian Delegation. A group of over 60 people travelled to Germany in order to bring home the Human Remains of their Ancestors who were murdered among 40-80 000 other Herreros and Namas by white Germans […]